Language and Cultural Communication

TRANSLATION: We translate between English and Chinese, English and French, and French and Chinese. We also offer remote and in-person interpreting services in these languages.

ACADEMIC EDITING: We assist with article, book chapter, book proposal, and book manuscript editing. We work with clients to design editing packages to meet their needs, ranging from light proofreading to concept-level overhauls and reorganization.

GRANT WRITING: We help clients conceptualize, draft and refine grant proposals. We apply effective strategies honed through years of successful grant writing to position the proposals for the best possible outcome.

GENDER, DIVERSITY, AND INTERCULTURAL COMPETENCY TRAININGS: We offer dynamic, story-based trainings that empower participants to build communication skills and interact more confidently and thoughtfully with others.

CHINA AND EAST ASIA CULTURAL CONSULTING: We draw on years of experience working in China and with individuals and organizations from China to bridge different approaches and build understanding. We offer in-person and remote trainings. We also create and review documents, helping avoid unintended misinterpretations and other pitfalls.

Research and Evaluation

ETHNOGRAPHIC RESEARCH: We go beyond one-size-fits-all approaches to design and implement research strategies that get to the heart of a situation. Through participant observation, interviews, pile sorts, transect walks, and open-ended surveys, we learn what people are experiencing and listen to their perspectives. This helps us gain a comprehensive understanding and provide crucial insights to our clients.

PROGRAM EVALUATION: We provide comprehensive assessments for nonprofit organizations, schools, university departments, summer programs, and recipients of grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and foundations. Our strengths-based assessments help stakeholders dramatically improve their programs based on feedback from participants and insights from evaluators.

Media and Archives

ETHNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL ARCHIVING: Anthropologists collect important materials that are often fragile. We help preserve these materials and consult with anthropologists about appropriate formats and mechanisms for long-term accessibility, especially for the benefit of people in communities where research took place. We carefully consider privacy needs and data management plans in the process.

MEDIA CURATION AND ARCHIVING: We help clients curate their photographs and videos, produce additional content, enhance accessibility, and find content management and storage solutions that meet both short-term and long-term needs. Through these images and other media, we develop stories to preserve and share.

MEDIA PRODUCTION AND POST-PRODUCTION: We help clients produce and edit photographs, audio and videos. We also assist with transfers from older video formats to digital ones.


PROJECT PLANNING AND PROFESSIONAL COACHING: We help clients develop achievable goals, prioritize projects, and find assistance to support these goals. We specialize in supporting individuals through career transitions, envisioning their ideal work life, and resuming or intensifying careers. We work with people in all phases of their careers: graduate students, early career scholars and professionals, mid-career faculty, and professionals approaching or in retirement. We have particular expertise supporting writers and helping parents manage competing time demands.